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Our blog is not about blindly sharing other sources. It's about what we create and put some thinking into things that got our attention. We are designers, so expect beauty and creativity. We also are a family so, once in a while, expect some domestic happenings. :)

Why I love Stockholm

I was born and raised near the  Black Sea. I could never imagine my life without the salty water and the restless waves of a sea. When I came to Stockholm I had a shy doubt that I could make it my home, but little did I knew that not to love Stockholm is impossible.

Just from the top of my head I will name you some reasons why it will always be in my heart:

The water: We as humans are mostly made out of water, so it’s probably normal to have a special attraction towards it. But Stockholm has its way of luring you into forgetting about the time, about your worries and about anything other than its beauty.

The people: So much diversity in people and languages and cultures it is fascinating. Everyone expresses itself as he or she wants, in equal rights, without bothering anyone else. Of course exceptions exist, but far too few to count them.

Fika: This is a concept of drinking coffee and having a cookie, chatting with friends, summed up into one word. Yes, the swedes did it: it’s called “fika” and it’s one of my favourite, since I am a coffee addict myself and without exception I must have at least 3 fika/day :)

The green!!  I love the fact that the colour green it’s almost everywhere you rest your eyes on. At least from spring until fall comes and everything that once was green looks like this:



The architecture: Needless to point out the featuring photo from this post.

And last but not least, the swedish care about family and children.

(Photos were made by me with my iPhone. :)

Roxana Costea