Tooltip needs to evolve

In general, tooltips needs some improvements. Should be more helpful and more engaging. Sometimes it’s not enough a short explanatory text. This is for people who once knew what that graphic element is about but now they forgot. And in this case (“Pages” by Apple) shouldn’t be simply replicated into coaching tips.

It would be really nice if tooltips will provide a short video tutorial. This will encourage people to learn more on the spot things are interested in. As it is now, everyone feels the burden to search, sometimes deeply navigate to find out an option, feature or function. But what if those tooltips will TEACH YOU right away that particular thing you don’t know?

Anyone can make a clean Hi-resolution video and it takes just a few hours practice to do it like a pro. Not with visual effects but with the right content, fluency, duration etc.



*Tooltip definition: a small box of explanatory text that appears when the mouse pointer is held over a button or other interface element.


Adrian Costea