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Our blog is not about blindly sharing other sources. It's about what we create and put some thinking into things that got our attention. We are designers, so expect beauty and creativity. We also are a family so, once in a while, expect some domestic happenings. :)

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Little Batman and his mother. Roxana and Tudor Costea

I’m Batman’s father, you know

  Photo credits: Adrian Costea

Tudor in the middle of a golden field

The cutest way Babel Tower is falling

[…] he’s speaking Swedish at kindergarten because we live in Sweden at the moment, Romanian because we are Romanians and English because he wants to speak Optimus Prime’s language. […]

Child (Tudor Costea) with face painted as Batman mask

Tudor’s argument

Roxana is rebuking Tudor (5 years old) him for being too angry, too often: – Tudor, look at me, please, when I’m talking to you!…


The only thing I wish my son to learn (better than anything)

… it gives you a big, juicy feeling of bonding and gratitude. And you know what? This is what happiness is all about. Also, anytime you’re thinking about divorce or loosing a friend, understand what you’ve lost: emotional connectivity and gratitude.