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Our blog is not about blindly sharing other sources. It's about what we create and put some thinking into things that got our attention. We are designers, so expect beauty and creativity. We also are a family so, once in a while, expect some domestic happenings. :)

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Startups world map

The Smart and The Idiot

[…] See if he’s responsible and a fighter. Use your gut. This gut is you blitz unconscious reasoning of your lifetime experience. That’s it for start.

Letter A in 3D

What the hell is an A player?

During the long recruitment process I had with 2ndwavers project, I, like any other entrepreneur, was looking for the best employees. Of course, any diamond…

question made of wood in 3D (sunset landscape)

Questions any venture capitalist will / should ask about your startup

[…] have a plan prepared because this is the only language understood by most of potential investors. No matter you have the knowledge or not to prepare such plan or how inaccurate it is (putting all your effort into it, of course), you need to have it. A man without a plan is not a man, right?

Application wireframe in blue

Another amazing app and why no one cares about it

no matter how great your app is, the public won’t care if no one speaks louder and louder about it. Is essential to have a great social confirmation.

Dry bread crust

How environment is programming a mindset (entrepreneur)

[…] I’ll give you a simple analogy: decades after World War II, many of ex. soldiers, especially those imprisoned for many years in concentration camps, developed the habit of stashing bread in their closets. A LOT of bread. Was a compulsive act, easy to understand after so many years of life threatening by starvation. […]


2ndwavers was invited to Dublin Summit 2014

Big news for us today: looks like 2ndwavers will have the privilege to showcase its innovation at Dublin Summit 2014.