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The Avengers (Marvel)

Who’s the best super hero? (at least for me)

Well, the easy answer is Superman. :)

He’s powerful or maybe more powerful than Hulk minus the anger issues. And he’s better looking too. Superman can fly by his nature and doesn’t need strings or any kind of flying tech. Also can cut stones with his eyes like Cyclop. And many more.

Yes, he can’t bring justice for half a year at the north pole because his energy comes from the sun but the white bears don’t care about it. With all that, I kinda like Superman because he’s the only one among superheroes struggling to be a a normal person, he’s putting all his efforts to fool us that he’s a regular guy. Next to him, the rest are just showoffs.

Well, it is in vain for any kid to hope that (s)he will become, someday, Superman because in fact, he’s an alien. He comes from another planet and only by chance is looking like a person.

Basically there are 3 types of superheroes:

  • born as people with superpowers or alien superheroes;
  • characters who became superheroes by accident or because of some god’s will and
  • superheroes who have all those great powers because of their personal lifetime effort. You can easily figure they are my favorites. :)

For the first 2 types of superheroes you cannot do much about: that’s life and they are just following destiny’s orders. If they are born with superpowers or obtain those powers later on, they need to be trained not to do evil and, if it’s possible, to serve public’s interest. There is no pragmatic reason for this. It’s just a noble act. (Insert face-palm for bankers here.)

Looping back to my favorite kind of superhero: is Ironman (you’ll find him in the third category as Batman. This dark modern knight seems like is rather gadgeting his body unlike Ironman who, somehow, tends to merge with technology invented by himself. Ironman has that nuclear device in the chest that is powering his iron suit.) Oh, and by the way: while Ironman is working really hard to gain his powers, the others are just figuring out how to use them. From another point of view, Ironman is the human breed upgraded.

Let me summarize most of the reasons why Ironman is the most likable for me:

  1. he is what he is because of A LOT OF WORK. He truly deserves his powers. As a kid, he had the same chances as any;
  2. he uses his fortune to invent new stuff, is an inventor, a heavy scientist and
  3. also a business man with a noticeable charisma;
  4. is a family man. I don’t know what other superheroes are doing to satisfy their super sexual appetite but he has a fiancee. As in the same fiancee every night in his bed. I don’t know how to say it, but first of all, that’s healthy.
  5. he has panic attacks. That is giving you an insight that being superhero is a very tough job. You need to struggle with this pressure all the time, you know? In other words, he’s kicking off the weaknesses all the time;
  6. he’s sparky & funny. Remember how he made fun of Captain America, in “The Avengers” movie, right? Ha, ha, cool thing.
  7. he fails a lot until he reaches his discoveries. He’s a genius, alright, but deals with a lot of failure (in his luxurious garage you’ll find many versions of the iron suit build before the fully functional one). Mistakes are so human-like, therefore we dig his pain on that. He even failed to save his fiancee from dying. (Superman resurrected her girlfriend which is another thing).
  8. he can build an entire army of iron… suits under his command.

Indeed, the person Tony Stark can die any minute but I still love his grit.
Finally, the Ironman is the most plausible and achievable.

Adrian Costea