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Persona “CEO small tech company”

young tech male entrepreneurCHRISTOPHER

Tech Company CEO
married, 1 kid (4 years old)
Age: 33
Education: Business College

Psychological profile
  • Christopher has a brave character, is introvert and, over the years, obtained enough skills to be determined in starting his own business. He is struggling with being focused and so far managed quite well to behave like an essentialist. He doesn’t take any action unless he sees the benefits. Is rational and mature and doesn’t feel the need to be in the centre of attention. On the other hand, he feels the need for excessive control and has somehow a paranoid personality. This trait was encouraged partly by the industry behaviour, former employees who disappointed him etc. A paranoid personality is nesting secrets but also determines an increase in political abilities. Christopher is also concerned by his own mind wandering, considering that in his case, this might be excessive. Although, by nature, he’s not excessively optimistic, he realised that he really needs to grow this inside him because you can do everything by the book and still fail”. He is able to delay gratification for long periods of time because in his opinion, big accomplishments come with tremendous patience and work.
Why is his business still small?
  • The market he aims for is beginning to be saturated with pet projects and light apps, the adoption rate decreased because many apps on the market means a lot of garbage. That comes with mistrust from the consumer side regarding any small business. The competition is really tough, everyone is copying each-other. To overcome this toughness he understands that it takes time to recruit rock-star employees for building an agile and cohesive wolf-pack ready for anything, anytime.
Professional life
  • He understands perhaps better than anyone that an idea doesn’t mean anything if is not backed up by an outstanding execution. This execution starts with discipline and this discipline begins with himself. Along the road he learned to take baby-stepsto be patient and observe very carefully. Over the years he managed to keep the team on the right path. He trusts his team members trying to feed everyone with the exact amount of information needed and appropriate to their job title. Christopher is the kind of guy that likes to be prepared and at some point, his random knowledge (still on going) helped him to build amazing cognitive connections. A lot of his daily work consist in managing emails and building connections / partnerships.
  • Doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, he just want to see big and meaningful things moving under his wingHe also wants to win big money, to be admired and respected. He hopes for hitting the jackpot.
Technical abilities
  • Christopher is not the biggest savvy tech user but we can say that is above average. His phone and laptop are tools not baby-gadgets. For him, technology is an extended morphology. His most using apps are Phone App, Evernote, Email, Google Drive, Safari, Feedly, Skype, Google translate, Spotify and probably Facebook but mainly for the news. He definitely knows how to translate a good user experience into words, can easily spot inconsistency and has a good eye for noticing an app with a good potential.
Personal quote / belief
  • To deliver is much more important than to be perfect.


without claiming exhaustivity for this definition, a “persona” – as in in UX design process – is a generic character that helps the design (and also sales, marketing, PR etc.) team  to focus on a particular approach. Designing for everyone increases the risk of designing for no one. Building a good persona is part science, part art. Requires good insights, life experience and narrative ability. (Personas I’ve build so far are far from the best, but one thing I couldn’t find so far in other example is “why those characters are still in their social and professional status: do they want that or do they wish for more?” How can your product optimise their current status or help them accomplish with ease a desired one?)

Adrian Costea