young woman with cookies

Persona “sweetshop girl”

woman portrait and cookieDANIELLE

Sweetshop Owner
not married, no children
Age: 30
Education: High-school

Psychological profile
  • Danielle can be placed in early adopter category, she likes to try cool new apps even though most of them are forgotten. She is a genuine person and, in general, has a good judgement, although sometimes she tends to trust a person just by the way (s)he dresses. She was moderately popular in high school.
  • Stubbornness is definitely a road block to her. She wants to try things in her own way, she thinks about her in terms of originality mostly because she confuses originality with authenticity.
  • She feels accomplished when people are thanking her not as much by words but by small gestures.
  • What she learned very good is how to behave on social networks – by not taking fights but directing her energy towards people who like her. As far as she’s concerned, “haters will always be haters.” In other words, she learned not to throw a stone in any barking dog.
Why is her business still small?
  • She’s at the beginning and still learning how to do business. She hasn’t developed any business patterns yet, is in transition from an idiosyncratic standing point to a much open mindset. She starts to realize this weird fact that her Customer is a spoiled brat that needs to be pleased and at the same time this Consumer has an amazing  practical wisdom.
  • Also, she didn’t learn yet how important is to delegate tasks, still being at that stage in her life when she thinks almost no one can do things better than her.
Professional life
  • Danielle is not very well organized, especially with bookkeeping. But she’s very organized with her smartphone apps. At the beginning she bought some books about small businesses, read selectively and forgot about them. Those books are boring, life is fun and, at the end she’s thinking “How hard can it be to bake some cookies and sale them? And besides, I have enough friends to sell them to. They have friends too. Generally speaking, she’s learning by doing (believes in the process, so to speak)
  • She wants to prove her independency, to show everyone else that she’s also smart not just beautiful. Another reason for her doing this is because is starting to grow roots in this kind of business and as she put it “I can’t imagine myself doing something else. Is what I always wanted to do since I was a little girls, playing baking in my doll house. Sounds ordinary, I know, but that’s the naked truth. Those times were magical to me. Still are, you know?”
Technical abilities
  • Danielle is one of the persons who feels anxiety when the smartphone is not in her pocket. She checks email and Facebook at night in bed and when she wakes up, the smartphone is the first thing she touches. Probably will buy an iWatch.
  • She’s part of the millennials group so technology is her second nature. Most of the time she’s using Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. She didn’t learned yet though, the true importance of – let’s say – Facebook feed so she can adapt her posting and spending ad behaviour.
Personal quote / belief
  • Too many people are overanalysing. Sometimes you just have to go for it.


without claiming exhaustivity for this definition, a “persona” – as in in UX design process – is a generic character that helps the design (and also sales, marketing, PR etc.) team  to focus on a particular approach. Designing for everyone increases the risk of designing for no one. Building a good persona is part science, part art. Requires good insights, life experience and narrative ability. (Personas I’ve build so far are far from the best, but one thing I couldn’t find so far in other example is “why those characters are still in their social and professional status: do they want that or do they wish for more?” How can your product optimise their current status or help them accomplish with ease a desired one?)

Adrian Costea