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Not just wearable era but rather the mood era

I was reading on The Verge today “How Apple and Google plan to reinvent healthcare” with smart wristbands and watches. It’s not the first article of this kind, of course. Basically it’s about all that thrill that somehow we all gonna be much healthier than ever by having those stressful guards on our wrists. This couldn’t be much far from the truth because taking care of your health is not about measurements but discipline. Yes, seeing little progress in having lost some weight might determine you to go further but we didn’t had to wait all that long for an iwatch. We all have those squares that we put our feet on and read the weight.

Others (like Forbes “The Wearable Era Is Here: Implications For The Future Workplace”) are getting excited about the way we’ll learn and, of course, this is true but still, is about discipline and… it’s not the entire story.


Wearable era is more about the mood era. Yes, is also about reading the blood glucose and calories but is also about reading signs of emotion. Is about telling in an instant if you’re stressed, happy, sad, engaged, angry, depressed and so on. It’s about collecting tremendous amounts of emotional data and transform at first our very way to consume and develop commercials. What we read today in our Google Analytics will be dramatically changed. Knowing on what page the reader had an emotional change will be the most precious feedback, or games adapting when the stress is reaching the top level will be a huge dimension in so called adaptive games. Or… knowing when a mob is already frighten and as a police officer you don’t give the order to turn on the sound cannon. It has been said that the wars cannot be done with bistoury but from now on, even this can be changed.

Mood era will be a huge deal in politics, in having your kid safe in some mood surroundings, in training, interviewing, rescuing etc and in general making us all more, much more aware about other people’s feelings. It’s the ultimate intimacy environment that can be hacked with or without privacy settings. It’s simply not enough to say that will be a HUGE thing.

Adrian Costea