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flow map for app - user experience design

Dark sides of user experience design

Note: skip to point B is you know what a User Experience Designer is. A. What’s exactly is a UX designer? A user experience designer is…


Recruitment will start boiling but this is how you do a great meal

Some believe that within 2 or 4 years, what it’s called “Machine Learning” (ML), will swallow the recruitment as we know it, given the fact…


About quantum intentions

The best way to hide an intention is to make it quantum. What I mean by this is, as an example, if you have a…

2 robots fighting, shooting at each other

When it’s a good time to rage a war against your competitor

Obviously, not when it’s strong, but how can you tell it’s vulnerable (?) because sure enough, the marketing machinery is claping hands all around, looks…

path image explaining the difference between user interaction and user experience

Don’t confuse UX with something else

The passers choose to interact this way with the surroundings because is more efficient to them (it’s a shortcut), not a more pleasant experience than walking on a pavement (you end up with dusty shoes and stumbling on dirt bumps). So they choose to trade efficiency with experience.

Underwater scuba caribbean pattern

How a bad user experience can make you look good

Have you ever wondered why Google* doesn’t have an Infinite Scrolling (IS) for web results? I already hear plausible answers like browser limitations, the absence…

question made of wood in 3D (sunset landscape)

Questions any venture capitalist will / should ask about your startup

[…] have a plan prepared because this is the only language understood by most of potential investors. No matter you have the knowledge or not to prepare such plan or how inaccurate it is (putting all your effort into it, of course), you need to have it. A man without a plan is not a man, right?

Invent it by combining the 2 most defining words.

Quick advice for naming your company

or “[…] name the company with a single word and this word can be a person or a pet name […]”


2ndwavers was invited to Dublin Summit 2014

Big news for us today: looks like 2ndwavers will have the privilege to showcase its innovation at Dublin Summit 2014.


Tooltip needs to evolve

In general, tooltips needs some improvements. Should be more helpful and more engaging. Sometimes it’s not enough a short explanatory text. This is for people who once knew what that graphic element is about but now they forgot.