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Our blog is not about blindly sharing other sources. It's about what we create and put some thinking into things that got our attention. We are designers, so expect beauty and creativity. We also are a family so, once in a while, expect some domestic happenings. :)

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Adaptive vs Responsive Design – the end

If you wanna build an awesome, customised user experience, go with adaptive design. But will cost you more money also. Want a very good compromise when…

man portrait - mercedes-benz ad

Mercedes still wants to sell prestige

The car company manufacturer has this clever ad in which apparently a classy man might belong to the Mercedes-Benz owner category. As the ad wants to…

tech company indoors

Are you working in a real tech company?

One day, a mechanic comes with this initiative of producing their own kind of car and, of course, believe they can do it better because they saw how big brands are cutting off costs by producing low cost body parts. Their “we can do better” is justified from many points of view…

man holding a cardboard with "will work for free"

No more debating over “work for free”, please.

There is so much debate on “Should designers work for free?” topic that makes my eyes roll all over my face. It really doesn’t matter…

path image explaining the difference between user interaction and user experience

Don’t confuse UX with something else

The passers choose to interact this way with the surroundings because is more efficient to them (it’s a shortcut), not a more pleasant experience than walking on a pavement (you end up with dusty shoes and stumbling on dirt bumps). So they choose to trade efficiency with experience.

apple vs samsung - blur background with companies logos

Why is Apple better than Samsung?

A better culture perhaps? I do believe both companies have the knowledge, wisdom and resources to recruit the best work force ever and to farm people to their very needs. I also do believe they both can build amazing organisational cultures.

portfolio vs client (briefcase icon next to avatar and money icon on cold background)

Who you should work for: your portfolio or your client?

I will always disclose the conclusion first, assuming you have a busy, busy life. Always work for your portfolio and never, ever for your client….

Underwater scuba caribbean pattern

How a bad user experience can make you look good

Have you ever wondered why Google* doesn’t have an Infinite Scrolling (IS) for web results? I already hear plausible answers like browser limitations, the absence…

Homosexuality was still classified as illness in Sweden in 1979. Swedes protested by calling in sick to work, claiming they felt gay.

Hack the crap: about homosexuality

Homosexuality was still classified as illness in Sweden in 1979. Swedes protested by calling in sick to work, claiming they felt gay. The same goes…

Books close-up

What is literature good for

A long time ago I had this conversation with one of my friends. That kind of guy packed with intelligence, good character and willpower. Me:…