Apple vs. Google – Locking customers into ecosystems

Notice that iOS and Android have different user interactions when you jump from a lock screen notification directly into the app. Actually there are opposite behaviours. You slide in iOS to go to the app but the same behaviour will dismiss the notification on Android.
They just want to be different? Probably. Patent infringement? Perhaps, I’m not sure. But I can think of this as a very nice way to lock customers into their ecosystem as well. All of us are habits  obedient and Apple and Google are counting on this (not necessarily in  a bad way.) Imagine that you have the possibility to migrate from one system to another. Once you get used to Android, you feel there is something “wrong”, annoying or muddy with iOS or vice versa. And as time goes by, those ecosystems are becoming more complicated packed with tiny precious features that can make such a big difference in everyday life. “Complicated” means more time and effort to learn and adapt. And, of course, we want our life effortless. When the boss is calling don’t want to apply the wrong swipe, do we?

And that’s a tiny part of a giant battle.

And finally, an almost rhetorical question: how many Apple fans are watching a Google keynote or the other way around?

Adrian Costea