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Another amazing app and why no one cares about it

I recently stumble upon an article about another great app with very good promises in the near future. It’s about Wire app mentioned in some online prestigious online publications. Basically, Wire is a Skype replacer – so we’re talking about a vitamin service here.

Here it is what TechCrunch said:

“[…] The app itself is the reimagining of how a communications tool like Skype should operate had it been built today. Much of that, in Wire’s case, means under-the-hood improvements that users don’t necessarily see, such as advancements in media processing, audio technology, file compression and delivery, and more.” and the authority invoked

“Wire has a strong team with deep backgrounds in communications, including those who worked in product and technology at Apple, Skype, Nokia and Microsoft. Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Christensen has been in Internet communications for 15 years, having previously worked on MSN Messenger and Lync at Microsoft, and then later co-founded audio-processing software company Camino Networks, which was later acquired by Skype.

Co-founder Alan Duric (CTO) also co-founded Camino, as well as Telio, a VoIP company similar to Vonage. Wire’s head of product design Priidu Zilmer previously led design teams at Vdio and Skype. And Wire’s Chief Scientist Koen Vos created the audio compression format SILK and co-created the audio coding format Opus.”

Wire app print screen

Hold on just a sec. I won’t pledge for Wire, how great it is or can be. I downloaded it: it’s boring, it’s another communication app and less than Skype at the moment.

But let’s suppose that Wire would have launched in a much greater suit and features than any other communication app. Would that even matter in making it more… alive than it is now? No, of course not. The main phrase of my post is: no matter how great your app is, the public won’t care if no one speaks louder and louder about it. Is essential to have a great social confirmation. Yes, I know, the TechCrunch article is just about that: is a paid one, is part of the “Spread the word” program. And because this thought is widely embraced, you can easily figure the huge battle of amplified voices.

It’s not like there is some sort of injustice – well, it is but not a conscious one – for people paying attention to less meaningful apps, facts etc. It’s because their attention was shifted away with a great effort from their routines to something new.

Why is so hard for public attention to be shifted away? Because this happened too many times with irrelevant happenings and people became more resistant to them. In other words, they were fooled too many times or super exposed and therefore life gives you the gift of immunity.

Engineers and developers are precious but marketers are even more. At the beginning of the app ecosystems we were glorifying programmers but now maybe is time our attention to be shifted in marketers favour. At the beginning, curiosity was making the marketing job. Now, this has faded away.

And finally, reading between the lines, the TechCrunch article tries to shot another rabbit: investors. With so many great names in a team, Wire is much more likely to fundraise a lot and fast.

I wish them the best of luck.

Header image credits: Eddie Lobanovskiy – Dribble

Adrian Costea