2ndwavers was invited to Dublin Summit 2014

Big news for us today: looks like 2ndwavers will have the privilege to showcase its innovation at Dublin Summit 2014. Here is the email I received today:


Many thanks for speaking with me over the past few weeks, great to hear what you guys are doing at 2ndwavers. We’ve had a huge number of applications, and have spent a great deal of time selecting the first batch of companies to join ALPHA.

As you know, we can’t invite everyone. However, I’m happy to say that it seems 2ndwavers is doing great things in an exciting space and you’ve been selected for ALPHA, the early stage startup track at The Summit.

Here’s what happens next: […]

We’ll be in touch shortly to collect branding and company information to curate your ALPHA schedule. If you have any more questions in the meantime feel free to drop me a mail.

Check out my signature below for links relevant to the ALPHA program.

Congratulations and looking forward to meeting in person in Dublin!




The Summit Dublin

So, let’s prepare for the big day. :)


Adrian Costea